Redefining hygiene
and comfort standards.

The new shower toilet from VitrA.

  • Contemporary design
  • Easy to use and touch free
  • Washing, drying and air purification options
  • Affordable luxury

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The V-care Difference

Offering the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and design.
Providing a sense of wellbeing - the difference is the experience.

Technically Beautiful

Technology at your fingertips for a completely hands-free comfort focussed experience.

The streamlined profile of the remote control enables you to use the extensive range of features all at the touch of a button. Remote control features include seat opening and closing, adjustable spray, water temperature and drying options.

Integrated spray nozzle with gender specific natural washing alternatives.

Effortless cleaning and innovative hygienic design with VitrA's rimless (Rim-exTM) WC pan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a shower toilet?

    • A shower toilet (sometimes called a washlet) combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet. Cleaning with warm water after using the toilet provides an increased sense of well-being and cleanliness and has already become the norm in Asia.

  • Why V-care?

    • V-care sets the standard it terms of design because it looks just like a normal WC - no bulky seat or visible pipes. The seat is ergonomically designed and the electronics are encased in the body of the WC making it the perfect blend of design and functionality. The combination of the WC being wall-hung WC and having a rimless (RimEx) bowl makes the toilet hygienic and easy to keep clean.

      The range of features is also extensive with adjustable water temperature and drying temperatures. The jet nozzle position is also adjustable and you can vary the jet intensity. The seat is heated and air purification is automatically activated when the toilet is in use. All the functions are accessible by the remote control making the experience virtually hands-free.

      With two options to choose from; Essential and Comfort the V-care is an affordable choice for any bathroom.

  • What are the differences between the Comfort and Essential options?

      Cleaning Rear Cleaning Nozzle * *
        Front Jet Position * *
        Adjustable Jet Position * *
        Adjustable Water Pressure * *
        Oscillating Jet   *
        Pulsation   *
        Adjustable Dryer Temperature   *
        Adjustable Water Temperature * *
      Hygiene Self-Cleaning Nozzle * *
        Removable Nozzle * *
        Air Purifier - Deodorisation * *
        Rimless Rim-Ex WC pan * *
      Seat Auto Open/Close   *
        Soft Close Seat * *
        Heated Seat * *
        Adjustable Seat Temperature * *
      Design Contemporary Styling * *
        Hidden Plumbing Connections * *
        Hidden Electricity Connections * *
        Complements any VitrA suite * *
        Hands-free stylish remote control * *
      Sustainability Energy Saving Mode * *
  • Is V-care suitable for everyone?

    • Yes. The WC is suitable for both sexes and is especially beneficial for pregnant women, those with limited movement, people who are less abled or who suffer from intimate skin irritations.

  • Why VitrA?

    • Our innovative products are inspired by the celebrated design principles of Turkish bathroom culture, translated to meet the style, standards and demands of modern living,

      Our comprehensive range of products gives you the choice to create the perfect bathroom whatever its size and coordinate products throughout your home.

      VitrA products are designed to give you a bathroom where you can relax and combine practical usage and storage with comfort, beauty and easy maintenance.

      VitrA has also received two if product design awards for excellence in product and design quality.

Using the V-care shower toilet

  • Can I still use the V-care wc if there is no power?

    • During a power cut you can still use the V-care WC like a conventional WC using toilet paper, activating the flush via the flush plate and manually opening and closing the seat.

  • What happens if the electricity goes out during use?

    • If the electricity supply fails during use, water streaming, heating, air purification and the auto open/close will stop immediately.

      If the nozzle is in use it will remain in the same position but the water will stop. Once the electricity is restored you will need to press the stop button to reset the nozzle.

  • Can I open and close the seat manually?

    • Yes, you can either open or close the seat manually or via the remote control. The comfort model also offers an automatic open and close seat feature.

  • Do I have to use the remote control?

    • You can access basic functions from the side of the WC such as front and rear cleaning but the remote control enables you to fully utilise all the features of V-care for optimum comfort.

  • How long does each function last per use?

    • The rear and front cleansing function lasts for approximately 40 secs. The drying function (only available on the comfort model) lasts for up to 180 seconds (3 minutes). Depending on user preference, all functions can be stopped at any time by pressing the stop button on the remote control (or on the left hand side of the WC) or by simply leaving the seat.

  • Will V-care work if no one is sitting on it?

    • Except for the open/close mechanism, no other functions of the V-care will work unless someone is sitting on the WC.

Care and maintenance

  • Is the V-care difficult to clean?

    • V-care is easier to clean than a conventional WC as it has a rimless pan (Rim-exTM). V-care is also wall-hung making it easy to clean underneath.

  • What should I use to clean V-care?

    • We recommend using conventional scratch free, non-corrosive cleaning detergents to clean the WC and soft cleaning wipes or a cloth to clean the seat.

  • Can I remove the nozzle?

    • The tip of the nozzle can be removed and cleaned if desired but the nozzle is automatically cleaned before and after every use.

  • When should I change the air purifying filter?

    • The filter is designed to be detachable so you can replace it and prevent dust accumulating. We recommend you change the filter every two years.

  • What if the remote control doesn't work or I drop it into water?

    • Remove batteries, dry the remote control with a towel or similar. Place the remote control in a cup filled with dry rice (to absorb humidity), after two hours replace the batteries. If this does not solve the problem please contact the retailer where you bought the item and they can arrange for a replacement remote control to be provided.

Technical Information

  • What type of battery does the remote control require?

    • Three AAA batteries. With average use, new batteries should last approximately six months.

  • What happens if it malfunctions during use?

    • If a problem occurs during use press the stop button on the side panel. If the problem still persists press the main on/off button.

  • Is the WC seat removable?

    • You can remove the lid but the V-care seat is fixed onto the WC.

  • What is V-care made of?

    • WC: vitreous china

      Seat, lid and base unit: thermal plastic

      Nozzle: stainless steel

      Remote control: ABS

Installation Information

  • Can I install V-care in place of an existing WC?

    • You can replace your conventional WC with V-care but you will need additional electrical and water connections. VitrA offer a range of wall hung WC frames specifically designed to make installation easy.

  • How do you install a V-care WC?

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      To install a V-care WC you need an additional water and electrical connection but the WC is designed so that these connections will not be visible.

      Installation should take the same time as a conventional wall-hung WC but installation checks and testing will be required once it is installed.

  • How do you test the nozzle during installation?

    • During installation you can activate the nozzle by simultaneously pressing the rear and front washing buttons for three seconds either on the remote or with the buttons on the side of the WC.


  • How safe is the V-care in regards to electrical and water use?

    • V-care is very safe to use, there is no danger of electrical parts coming into contact with water as it is insulated to IPX4 standards. Electronic circuits are insulated to IP67 standards.

  • What safety standards does V-care conform to?

    • V-care conforms to the following global and European standards: BS EN1717, BS EN13079, CE, DVGW, KIWA, ETA, CSTB, SINTEF, SITAC, W270 and KTW.

  • How much weight can the V-care WC bear?

    • Max 150kg (330lbs)

Energy Guides

  • How much water is used per flush?

    • V-care WC pan uses 3/6 litres of water per flush.

      There are four different electrical operation modes:

      Standard Mode

      Indicated by a red light on the left hand side of the WC. All functions and temperature adjustments are available.

      Energy Saving Mode

      Indicated by a green light on the left hand side of the WC and activated by pressing the stop button on the remote control for three seconds. All functions are available but the heating functions remain at the minimum level.

      Stand-by Mode

      When no light is shown on the left hand side of the WC and is activated by pressing the stop button on the left side of the WC for three seconds. This disables all functions except the water temperature controller that keeps the temperature for personal cleaning above 18oC.


      The red on/off button on the right hand side of the V-care WC pan is a concealed and isolated on/off button.